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Two software vendors have contracted with Strategy Partners for compliance testing of their MoReq2010 based products. UK company Automated Intelligence, and GimmalSoft of Houston, Texas, USA will be the first vendors to have their products tested under the DLM Forum’s MoReq2010 certification and testing programme. Under the programme, independent testing will be conducted by Strategy Partners, the pan-European Research based Advisory Group and first Accredited MoReq2010 Test Centre, leading to certification of the products by the DLM Forum as MoReq2010 compliant.


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"Over the coming years, with worldwide growth in regulatory activity and an increasing push towards standardisation and greater levels of compliance, the field of Information Governance will become even more exciting and challenging, and the DLM Forum will be at the forefront providing research, insight and

industry knowledge."

John Leigh, Managing Director








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